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The planet, as seen by someone from Earth.
It is unknown how he ended up there, but he certainly landed in the southern emisphere, the one called "Sydra"; here, temperatures are far below zero and the inhabitans are engaged in a perpetual dance in order to warm up.
Time flows in a different way here.
The Clepysdrians would like to touch the extra-Clepsydrian. A ritual is undergoing, which sees the visitor dancing with these alien creatures (although, for Clepsydirans he is of course the only alien).
The dance proves irresisitble, and the stranger gest fully involved in it.


from Clepsydra I, released April 8, 2015



all rights reserved


Lilia Italy

Lilia's music is a sonic flow made of noises, voices and dreamy melodies. Catchy vibrations give birth to delicate and evocative sounds that float in a strange, colourful, fairy space.
During her performances, she creates textures made of many voices that turn into instruments, using real-time loops, along with electronic sounds, little keyboards and drum-machines.
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